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Windows vs Mac – Choose the Best for Your Needs

The war between Windows PC and Mac has been on for more than a decade. Many people have been asking this question for years, deciding which one is better or which one suits their needs. However, nothing is perfect in this world and Windows and Mac has their own pros and cons. In a nutshell, people would go to a Windows PC for gaming and business suite while Mac would be for those who hates viruses and maintenance, plus owns multiple Apple devices. But if you’re not convinced, let me give you a few pointers to help you.

Macs Hardware is Expensive

Most of us feel that Mac is much more expensive than PCs. However, you can be rest assured that the hardware and software combination is perfectly synchronized because Apple is only the company that writes their operating system and designs its own hardware. In addition, Mac Hardware comes with its own limit on its specifications. But if you want to upgrade beyond hard drive and RAM, prepare $2,499 for a Mac Pro.

Macs Has Fewer Viruses and Requires Less Maintenance

We are well aware that there used to be a time where Macs doesn’t have any viruses but that’s no longer true. However, most hackers and cybercriminals target Windows platform because they are mostly used by businesses, banks and other commercial establishments. That leaves Mac users behind and in return; they don’t need to deal much with viruses, thus requiring less maintenance.

Mac Provides UNIX-like Experience

While Linux is the number one Unix-like operating system, it lacks commercial software. Macs on the other hand can offer a Unix-like experience while allowing you to enjoy a variety of commercial software to use.

Windows is better for Gaming

While there are games ported to Macs, Windows is the main platform that game developers target. In addition, many PC games are optimized to use the Windows OS. In addition to that, Windows OS works with almost all graphics card while Macs doesn’t. This will allow you to take your PC gaming to the next level.

Windows Offers Great Flexibility

While Macs can be hard to hack, with Windows, you can easily upgrade, change hardware, add more RAM and change graphics card with ease. In addition to that, Windows users have the benefit of customizing every bit of their hardware for them. While for software, Apple drops software compatibility with old applications faster than Windows.

Macs is better for a Designer is No Longer True

Back in 90s, there were far more superior designer tools in Macs than a Windows PC. Today, both Windows and OS X have plenty of design apps to choose from and offer great file compatibility between platforms.

Overall, it all comes to preferences and your intended use. For example, if you are a hardcore gamer, you’d prefer a Windows PC but if you’re someone who hates viruses, a Macs will do.

Rivals’ Songs Deleted from Users’ iPods

Apple was accused by lawyers in a case of deleting their user’s songs from their iPods that came from their rival services during the past decades. The class action suit claims that Apple’s software will yield an error message when syncing a music library not bought from iTunes and then it would issue a prompt to restore factory settings to iPod, upon which songs will be deleted after.

Apple said that it was a legitimate security measure because they need to have some precautions with hackers. The system gave vague information to users in order to prevent confusion plus they do not want to inform the user about the possible security threat.

Apple security director Augustin Farrugia told the court that hackers named DVD Jon and Requiem made them very paranoid about protecting iTunes. The updates that deleted non-Apple music are a security measure that intended to protect consumers from these hackers and system break-ins and according to them, the systems was totally hacked.

The Testimony of Late Steve Jobs

The court also saw the contents of an email that was sent by the then Apple CEO Steve Jobs back in 2005 after learning that there’s a rival company that will allow users to download music and play them in iPods. The email read, “We may need to change things here.”

That fueled the speculation about the alleged attempt of Apple to lock down its iPod and iTunes market in 2007 to 2009. Lawyers claim that by updating the iTunes and iPod software to block the music from competing online stores, Apple operated a closed system, which froze rivals out of the market, they say.

They accuse Apple of abusing a monopoly position in the digital music player market. The case has been going on for more than a decade and could see Apple pay out $1 billion in damages.

What does it mean for End Users?

The following is an opinion. If Apple continued to hide things like this from their customers, they might start to lose them. They should’ve announced about this so people will be aware of the possible system breach by hackers.

We can also remember the last scandal caused by massive leak of Hollywood nudes from another Apple service called iCloud, but they denied the breach. However, according to the latest updates to iCloud like tightened security and two-factor authentication, it’s clear that they missed something before the breach by filling the hole.

However, we can’t blade them too much because Apple knew that their customers trust their services too much and when they announce something like those, this can bring chaos and confusion. It can be a hard decision to make whether to let users know about the breach or blindly prevent it from happening.